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Another year, another... uh, year?

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Jan. 15th, 2009 | 11:28 am

So, a little while back, Ultima decided to retire from the HNM scene officially. There was no motivation to camp anything, and we were encouraged to seek out alternate means to fight HNMs. Maybe this decision was exactly what we needed, maybe it was the pure awesomesauce power of Sarahlynn being the new shellholder, but since going "social," we've been fighting more HNMs than in the entire year I've been in this shell (well, almost a year).

In the span of a single week, I received some titles I thought I'd never ever see, like Tiamat Trouncer or Vinegar Evaporator! The King Vinegarroon kills were even Ultima's first kills, and although we received a V Claw and a lot of useless crystals, we eventually did get our first Ace's Helm! Congrats Aelfinn! :D

Khimaira was another one of those "file it away in the Keep Dreaming category" NMs for me; I knew Ultima had killed it before, back in yonder days (had the first kill on Valefor, iirc), but I honestly thought they'd never kill it ever again. I've never thought Hauteclaire was as good as people would have it, and I still don't, but for the first time - since killing Khimaira became a reality and not a far-fetched dream - obtaining one seems like something I'd like. I still maintain that it's a situational sword at best, but I wouldn't turn one down. *blush*

Another NM I've been hunting to death is Xolotl. There was a misunderstanding when I went 1/1 on the Kotes, and since then I was a woman on a mission! Thankfully only took like two weeks before they dropped again, but it was still two weeks longer than I liked. What made me sad though, was that my little tarubuddy Raist came out to help like every damn day, and not a single knife dropped (as per usual; but would have been nice). We killed it a couple more times after I got my Kotes, but then stupid school started and my playtime got severely reduced.

Speaking of Raist, we've started duping Brothers for a chance at some gil! I like this ENM, if you disregard the horrid climb to the top of the mountain. Thankfully I have a Tractor/R3 mule on the key item shelf, so only one climb is necessaryl, but it's still annoying. With one run a week on a regular basis though, we hope to get a hedgehog bomb to line our pockets! I'm getting closer to my Aegis, and I know Raist is eventually hoping to be able to upgrade a Mandau.

Since last time, I've managed to keep my mind set on Aegis, and kept putting every spare gil I have towards my shield. In fact, now I'm finding that my biggest problem is enough sponsorships, rather than gil! Ultima's dynamis shell (Amitlu), while awesome and fantastic, simply doesn't offer me the chance to sponsor enough to make real progress. I've been meaning to start my shout dynamis on Regn again, but I just can't seem to find a fucking time. :( I'm busy pretty much every night of the week, and the times I am able to go, my closest friends can't - and starting a shout dynamis without at the very least a regular puller and/or a THF is not going to work out so well. Trust me, I speak from experience. I do love Amitlu, though, and finally got a piece of Relic I've been after for a very, very long time...

Salvage is still God-awesome and full of win, even when we don't get any drops (which - let's face it - is more often than not), and I cannot believe how much I missed out on all those months I wasn't doing Salvage. If I knew how much fun I'd be having, I'd have leveled NIN a whole damn lot faster, that's for sure! As for the shoddy droprate, well, we've been doing exceptionally good this month, so I suppose it all evens out in the end. :D


1/1, congratulations Tarja.

2/2, congratulations Manikalas.

HEY, congratulations, me!

I am SO glad we decided sell/split for this.

Congratulations, Tarja.

1/4, congratulations Aelfinn!

Woot! 1/toomany.


Fashion Police

Congratulations on your Skadi feet, Kirae! MoarDots's 4th completed piece.

Grats Pat, on Usu hands (you lootwhore). MoarDots's 5th completed piece, and 2nd for Pat.

Congratulations Benny, on Usukane legs, and MoarDots's 6th completed piece.

Congratulations Tarja, on Morrigan head! MoarDots's 7th piece, 2nd for Tarja.


For The Lulz

It was then that Rektify developed his intense hatred for all zones.

Rhine is a patient and laidback person.

Manikalas pwns Magos and one-ups me.

Khimaira helps me through my brainfart, with impeccable timing.

Another example of impeccable (and hilarious) timing.


Garret loves me - a lot.

Jailer of Fortitude does not.

Yay, Atonement!

And finally...

This was taken in sky, right around Seiryu's island.

This is an actual photo I took, on the plane to or from Norway (can't recall which direction).

I just wanted to point out the similarity. It's funny.

That is all for now.

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(no subject)

from: kooldac
date: Jan. 22nd, 2009 10:47 pm (UTC)

congrats on paladin dream, I mean Valor Surcoat :)

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