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September update

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Sep. 12th, 2008 | 05:49 pm

Ja, ja, I was slacking again. Pfft.

Chirp chirp!

One of the things that's kept me busy this past month, has been my chocobo. I decided to roll with the whole "red PLD" thing and raise a red chocobo. Thanks for Sassafras and her insane chocobo knowledge - not to mention the two chococards I got from her - I started the chocobo raising adventure anew. OrZ and PerfectFriend are good chocobos... well, that's a lie, OrZ isn't good for anything and PerfectFriend is black and fast but doesn't match me - but I felt a red one was due. I took a chance and named it RedZeppelin before I actually knew its color.

Denali, anyone?

My Nyzul group has been doing very well, with a not horrible droprate of floor 40. Of course, we wish we'd get something besides Denali, but oh well. At least Varda's mannequin looks pretty now. With the recent update, we're hoping to climb a little bit more, so those who wish to upgrade mythic weapons can do so. I originally had zero interest in mythic weapons at all - but then we saw the stats. I must say, that PLD sword sounds 100% absolutely game-breaking. So yeah. I'm interested, haha! XD

Through some unfortunate moment of weakness, I was persuaded into switching nations again. After swearing up and down that I would never be Windurstian, I find myself now to be Rank 8. I blame Pat and Eticket, and only them. But at the very least, I have someone to keep me company in my misery. We're hoping to finish the last two ranks any day now - and the extra gil I've made off this hasn't been bad, I must admit. Bright side to everything, I suppose. Though I do think I have some sort of hangup about Windy, since I've been Windurstian for a few weeks now, and have not yet gotten a single outpost, nor done the Aht Urghan quest. I just set my HP in Whitegate and let it be with that.

Lexa is intimidated by Biast's pres-- OH SCREW YOU!

I think this is the first time I've ever stumbled across an NM I genuinely wanted to kill, when I was on my way to do something else entirely (BRD AF). :D I didn't even have to kill Shadow Dragon. It was just sitting there, right next to the Outpost. Also, if you ever find Biast, know that he's a bitch to "kite" and hold. Not because he's fast, or uses Draw-In or some such - but because I kept losing hate literally every second. Eventually I just straight-tank held it. At least he finally ended up dropping that helmet for me! :D It's an exclusive addition to my r/ex collection. Though with the amount of r/ex stuff I have now, I really should level BST...

Magos taught me to manaburn statues to farm diorite. It was fun! :D Apart from the bit where, y'know... the diorite didn't drop. That kinda sucked. My next project for myself will probably be centered around sky pops - getting a Kirin set, and a Byakko set, to try for an Osode/d body/Haidate.

I also merited a lot in the days after my last LJ update. I've reached level 4 Hand-To-Hand now, level 1 Evasion (LOL) and level 2 Sentinel. I know, I know, I didn't have Sentinel merited before this. Well, I suck, what can I say. XD I'm rapidly getting very close to where I can start leveling my MNK. :) I'm missing a couple more h2h merits, a Brown Belt and the low level Fumas (I never bothered with them on NIN, but since I can stack them with Brown Belt on MNK, I'm gonna get them). I've already started collecting Brown Belt items on Regn, and thankfully didn't have to camp that stupid Morbolger for the vine, since it dropped from the KS30. thanks to Eticket, Raist, Benny, Pat, Pitlith and whoever else helped out with that.

Melee burn Bahamut

Melee burn Kirin

Ultima has become more active as summer has drawn to a close, which I'm very happy about. ^^ One thing we've started doing, is TP burning stuff. I'm still not the biggest fan of TP burns, but it's definitely easier in an ls where pretty much everyone has multiple jobs at 75, so the odds of excluding people is that much smaller. (Ironically, CTB members now has multiple jobs at 75 as well, so they've been TP burning with great success also.) Bahamut has been a joke, We've gone through like five orbs or so, over the past few weeks. Our best time, from gather together to warps, was 40-ish minutes. We normally take about 10-15 minutes getting to the entrance, then another 5 minutes or so testing BRD rotation, then another 5 minutes sleeping TP. The ultimate goal is to have a quick-like-bunnies in-out in 30 minutes or less, so we can do orbs before normal events with no stress.

Kirin proved to be somewhat tougher, helped in no small part along by the fact that he's got a bad regen, can't be stunned, and thus gets off more annoying TP moves on the alliance. Kiting him until he's done summoning has proven to be a successful strategy, though.

I also got some HQ Euhvi organs and went for a personal JoFaith pop - and let me just state again, for the record - MAN, Faith is a bitch! It took so many people, and so many deaths, that I am absolutely definitely not considering trying again until I'm way closer to being able to fully put that torque to use. I felt bad for the people who came to help. :/ Sorry guys.

Long-Bowed Chariot win #2

My Salvage group has been doing considerably better. After losing to LBC yet again, I said fuck it. I told all the mages to bring viles. I told all the melees to bring icharus wings and pots. I had Pitlith go BLM instead of MNK. Complete and utter overkill, in other words. That was the first time we killed LBC. And as an added bonus, he dropped one of the items we needed (25 Usu pants). Since then it's gotten easier and easier, and meds are no longer required. Though y'know, if he could stop dropping Phobos Masks, I'd be grateful. Having Pitlith as BLM instead of MNK definitely helped things. The one time, Pat also pulled a perfect 10/10 on the gears, and we're now also killing the chariot every time. :)

Misc other stuff:

InLulusJar fought Odin again... I do believe that was our fifth...? And this time, it had an awesome outcome for me. :D

RedZeppelin came out red.

Never thought I'd even see this guy, much less kill him. 0/3 on drop now, though. As is expected.

My dream of being a SMN with only Carbvy, Diabolos and Fenrir (avatars aquired in that order, too) was crushed when I found out I needed to be able to summon the avatars to do Waking the Beast.

Dynamis droprates have been hawt since the September update. I can't wait to see what's in store for us in the Northlands.

Woot, my first sub

I finished my first sub to 60. Thanks to Sharain for the many... many... MANY... stacks of flan meat, and to Gordie for the sulfur.

Two things I thought I'd never see: NIN75 (or any job besides PLD75, really) and Windy allegiance.


Congratulations, Tarja

FINALLY! 1/12 on drop, 1/2 on lot, 1/14 in total.


Regn is now 2/3 for belt, missing Nue fang.

It matches my Avalon Breastplate in a REALLY ugly way.

For my ossum RNG...

Fashion police:

Congratulations to Arafea on your Usukane Legs. MoarDots piece #1.

Congratulations to Tarja on your Morrigan's Body. MoarDots piece #2.

Windurstian Salute... ugh.

Bahamut's Mask obtained!

Denali Kecks obtained.

Pahlublahblah Body obtained!

Valhalla Helm obatined!

Congratulations to Sojourn on your Marduk's Body. Soj doesn't run with my group, but it's still awesome!

For The Lulz:

Moggles: Doin' it wrong.

Damn ho can't keep her mouth shut.

Ono is being freaky.

Sass is being freakier.

Soj correctly describes trying to target the mob in a horde of NPCs in Campaign.

Arafea took the big step...

...though he seems to have some misconceptions about himself.

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Comments {3}


(no subject)

from: baka_inc
date: Sep. 13th, 2008 12:06 am (UTC)

Moggles lol
Grats on the Valhalla Helm, looks really cool

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(no subject)

from: bennyffxi
date: Sep. 16th, 2008 02:40 pm (UTC)

#1 windy rocks and windy salute also rocks!

#2 THF BLM BLM for aura statues, doing that shit without TH will just make you want to die. We went for like 3-4 hours with no drop even with TH4 so I don't want to imagine without it.

#3 grats on all your new shineys :)


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(no subject)

from: sassafraskitteh
date: Oct. 9th, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC)

Busy, Busy ~ you're better about updating than I am though! haha.

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